January 6, 2023

We’re pleased to announce South Devon College are launching their new Sea Fisher apprenticeship early next year. We’re currently recruiting for an apprentice to join the course who will have the opportunity to gain experience and training on a Waterdance vessel, with a view to becoming a member of our crew.

This is a level 2 apprenticeship working with real fishing companies like Waterdance to lead to opportunities in commercial fishing. The training will include a wide range of activity and responsibility in the industry including: catching, processing and landing fish, looking after the sea by providing key data, maintaining the boat and equipment and more to train the next generation of skippers.

The process will include two steps, pre-apprenticeship will last 7 weeks, so the apprentice can decide if there is an interest in participating in the main, 18-month apprenticeship. The apprenticeship involves employment and hourly pay. The minimum age for applicants is 16 years old. Please contact us via [email protected] for more information or to register your interest.

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